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MENU ” Les Idées du Moment”


Starter + Maincourse or Maincourse + Dessert : 25€

Stater + Maincourse + Dessert : 35€

Crispy Shrimps, Vegetables with Spices

Tomato gazpacho, Beetroot ice cream, Burrata espuma

Duck Foie Gras with Figs (+6€)

Scallops , Shrimp Broth with Lemongrass & Ginger (+6€)




Freh Cod, Asparagus, Artichoke, Tomato, Lemon Cream

Quail Breast, Semolina with Fruits, Vegetables Samossa

Risotto of Scallops, Parmesan Sauce (+9)

Shoulder of Lam, Chimichurri (coriander) Sauce


Sélection of Cheeses (+ 8€)

Orange Chocolate Crisp Tube; Homemade granala, Orange ice cream

Red Fruits in a shell Chocolate, Chocolat Syrup

Strawberries Turban with Pepper Voatsperifery & Balsamico

Lemon Ginger Cloud, Mojito Ice ream






Pic & Pic & Collégramme…
A Cascade of 6 Dishes and Dessert
In Tasting Style
In Order Of Surprise
Your Eyes & Taste Buds
Open Your Eyes
And, Let Yourself Be Guide.
Please, Tell Us Allergens & Annoying Products


(Served To Children Under 12 Years)
Natural Duck Foie Gras
Veal Steak, Mashed Potatoes
Assorment of Ice Creams

Selection of Wines From Our Menu
Bergerac Rouge 2019 Château La Liguoise 22€
Pécharmant 2018 Domaine du Grand Jaure 27€
Bergerac Blanc 2018 Tour des Gendres Cuvée Conti 37€
IGP Pays d’Oc Chardonnay Cote des Roses Blanc 2019 27€
Saumur Champigny Rouge 2018 Les Caractères 22€

Some of these dishes may contain one or more of the following allergens
gluten-containing cereals (wheat, barley, oats, rye)
crustaceans, and crustacean products
-eggs and egg products
fish, molluscs and fish products
soy, lactose
(peanuts, sesame, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachio, pecan, cashew)
celery, mustard, lupin
Origin of Meat:
Duck Foie Gras, Veal, Beef, Lamb, Volaille (France)