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MENU ” Les Idées du Moment” 

Starter + Maincourse or Maincourse + Dessert : 33€
Stater + Maincourse + Dessert : 45€

Vegetable Sweet Chili, Vegetable Ravioli and Crispy Shrimps (G)
Scallops, Crab and Shrimp Txangurro, Rouille Sauce (G) ( Sup 7€)

Duck Foie Gras with Figs, Fig Purée ( Sup 7€)
Asparagus & White Leek, Egg Mimosa with Truffles, Parmesan
Pan-fried Duck Foie Gras, Ceps Cream ( Sup 7€)
Cream of White Onions, Egg Cooked at 64°, Grilled Breast

Cod, Lentil Hummus with Curry, Shellfish, Haddock Cream
Crispy Veal Head, Shellfish Stock, Thai Gribiche (G)
Braised Veal Sweetbreads  ( Sup 10€)
Veal Loaf Cooked at Low Temperature, Cep Terrine (G)
Scallop Risotto, Lobster Fumet ( Sup 10€) (G)

8 Hour Lamb Shoulder Confit with Lemon and Kumquat

Sélection of Cheeses Sup 12€
Baba Rum with Seasonal Fruits, Vanilla Mascarpone Cream (G)

Tiramisu Mascarpone Coffee (G)
Crispy Meringue with Raspberries (G)

Crispy Chocolate and Praline Ball, Aerial Chocolate Mousse (G) (N)

Black Forest With Amarena Cherries (G) (N)
Mocha Coffee, Ethiopian White Coffee Ice Cream (G) (N)



Tapas Menu 64 €

Peak & Peak & Collegram..Ams..Tram..Grammm…
Je Picore, Tu Picore…A Cascade of 6 Dishes & Dessert
in Tasting Mode To Surprise
Your eyes and taste buds
Open your eyes and let yourself be guided…
Please tell us allergens and troublesome products




(Served to children under 12)

Natural Duck Foie Gras

Veal, Mashed potatoes

The Ice Cream and Sorbets (G)




For people allergic to nuts and their derivatives, dishes are followed by the letter N

For people allergic to gluten, the dishes are followed by the letter G

We will be happy to adapt your dish



Some of these dishes may contain one

or more of the following allergens :

Cereals containing gluten (wheat, barley, oats, rye)

Crustaceans and crustacean products

Eggs and egg products

Fish and fish products

Peanut and groundnut products

Soya and soy products (including lactose)

Nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, macadamia, pistachio, pecan, walnuts)

Celery and celery products

Mustard and mustard products

Sesame seeds and sesame products

Sulfur dioxide and sulphites (in a certain amount)

Rabbit and lupine products

Molluscs and shellfish products

Do not hesitate to mention an allergy or an intolerance, we will be happy

To adapt the dish to your convenience

Origins Meat:

  Foie Gras (France), Duck (France), Veal (France), Lamb ( France)