Day Pass swimming pool


Here, the Garden occupies a place conducive to relaxation.

More than Simple Cases of Greenery, They offer the possibility of getting away from it all for a day,

to Relax, to Insulate, and, finally, to Enjoy.

All around the Pool, Deckchairs, Extra Double Bed, have been chosen for your relaxation,

your harmony and your relationship. It is the ideal place to enjoy the summer days:

Shaded spaces, Solariums, Isolated Beds ….

The Garden is also a place of pleasure for the taste buds …. You can have a quiet lunch …

Discover our Flavors and Access our Day-Pass

(Powk Bowl + Dessert + 1 Drink and Access to Idleness)

(Beds – Plaids – Heated swimming pool – Jacuzzi – Sauna: 25 €)